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Warframes New RNG Time Based Missions Cause Toxicity


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This is a rant. Warframes new time based modes are a problem. These missions cause undue stress on the community and players. They cause unreasonable expectations and often selfish behavior. At the worst times this behavior negativly impacts other players to such a high degree that they dont want to play the content.

Lets take a look at Eidolon hunting. Since it is time based if you enter a squad and see a frame that is not Trinity, Rhino, Chroma, Volt, Harrow Etc you are inclined to leave. Your time is too valuable to be wasting it on people who didnt show up prepared. Leaving causes host migrations which are a pain and a problem in themselves. Host migrations in POE have a chance to just outright fail the mission. Are you inclined to stay in a group of mr 12s running around with excaliber umbra and nezha and banshee who have a paris prime or an ignis equipped? No, you leave instantly. These players feel frustration because they dont get the benefit of experienced players helping them. You feel like your time was wasted even joining this mission. 3x3? not tonight.

This leaving/selfish host migration toxic play style has become the norm in most gameplay now. You put up a good relic and some dude joins your squad but doesnt see the relic he is looking for. What does he do? He bails. Worse yet, he is the host. You now wait 30 seconds for the mission to load back up. In times like these problems happen. Objectives die at higher ends. You lose your buffs. Squad morale tanks instantly.

This all leads me to my main point. Introducing a new time based mission that isnt even at fixed time causes problems for all players for a lot of reasons. The new railjack missions are on a bell curve. Some players are breezing through the content with unstoppable archwing builds. New players are complaing that the very first mission is too hard. The new Sentient Ship Misison is a perfect example of how time shouldn't be a factor in matchmaking and loot drops. Everyone is searching for a way to get that sentient ship navigation bug to work. Because this saves time. What if you dont get the loot you are looking for? Abort and reload and save your precious seconds. What happens in these mision to the public? Players go in and rush the objective they want. Look for the items they feel their time is worth and then leave. This is especially true with the Abort strat for Sentient Ship farming at the moment. Players waste time sitting in full squads not playing missions. Waiting. Staring at a timer. All for a 30 min chance to stroke their egos and builds that they force onto the community. People will break groups if they think a player isnt deserving to be there. Join a sentient ship as a casual? Host leaves. Queue Host migration, queue squads breaking up. This causes players to lose a chance at any loot they hoped for. 

Today i joined a public sentient ship run and we found the Elusive Rare Crate. Inside was the Capture Scene. To me this item was priceless. To the host it was garbage. The host of the mission showed up with a railjack that had 1000 hull. He was in it for the farm. He brought an unprepared ship to a highly dangerous area out of selfishness. He thgouth his time was worth farming the new super rare parts. He thought everyone elses time was less important than his. No infamous shedu parts dropped. So he said " nothing dropped im out". And he left. Host migration headache leaves us all separated. And me alone in his railjack with my new Sentient Fountain Scene and no way to finish the mission. Yes i could have invested an hour of my time to finish the mission or at least try to. But with the way the ships are trying to manage one alone is pointless in endgame missions. Trying to fly archwing alone against 90 fighters and 6 crew ships and a base is insane. Possible but insane. A single mistake costs you one of your precious 4 revives. Then you leave with nothing.

Please make mission constantly availbe to all players without rotating times. You are inducing scarcity of new items by making them inaccessable to the normal player. You are making host migrations the correct choice for people who value their time. You are forcing bad morale onto the community. The leave mentality causes people to act S#&$ty to others. Becuase they feel their squads are disposible.

If i enter the index and there are a bunch of people not getting kills and running around dying everywhere I'll just leave. Screw the 50k. My time isnt worth the headache of dealing with bad player. You are activly forcing people into this position. Please stop doing it.Farewell My Loot

Signed- a 5 year vet mr 27

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For the Eidolon issue, I think DE should allow us to change our load-out within the first, say, minute of loading in, assuming you have not used any active abilities, gear wheel items, or weapons (haven't fired a gun or done a melee attack).  That would both allow us to change our loadout for a more appropriate team comp (useful in just about every mission anyway), and to make that one gear correction we realized we needed to make just seconds after clicking to join (which also causes quick leaves and host migration).

For the sentient ship issue, I think the time window is far too narrow, and it happens too infrequently.  Also I think in a lot of cases people just don't know what they are doing.  Usually I get people just blasting through as fast as their void dashes can take them, trying just to kill the sentients (and leaving many behind at that), and totally skipping over the secret rooms.  They have already host migrated me before I'm even half through the map, also invalidating me using Nekros (no fresh corpses to desecrate).

In this case, communication on how the secret sentient tileset room doors work and what is inside them would help, though it would of course also spoil the mystery.  Also if the time it happened was predictable, you could get into organized squads with a common purpose (like you can with Eidolons).

Regarding archwing in Railjack being too hard...  Get an Amesha.  With the way the archwing combat is balanced right now it's basically the only way to survive out there.  If you also use Hydrin, whoes shield gating passive works in archwing, you also have a buffer so that when you run out of stacks of Amesha's 1, you don't die within seconds (or immediately, as often happens).  If you don't have Hydrin, you can just teleport back to the railjack, or enter a crewship, when you get low on your Amesha 1 stacks.  Between that and a Cygnis modded for 100% status chance and radiation damage, archwing combat goes REALLY nicely.

Also, you can get 6 revives if you have two max rank arcanes on your Warframe.

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