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Suggestions for new Proxima


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 I made this mainly to talk about Uranus Proxima and maybe a bit of Jupiter.

 So with the addition of Railjacks we've gotten a lot of new potential mission types (Ironically Earth is entirely populated with Skirmish Missions), or whatever, really I just wanna talk about Uranus Proxima.

 So to start of with it would be pretty unique already considering it could (and should) be underwater. Then we can also take into account the fact that this is a game. We can do practically anything. Therefore, big, gargantuan wildlife. Such as the Lanx at Plains of Eidolon. But bigger. Like, could eat your entire yellow submarine and then some in one bite-gargantuan. Also Nitain Extract.

 'Each vial is produced by the painstaking expression of billions of rare, ocean-vent dwelling microorganisms.' Ocean-vent. Ocean. Uranus. You get what I'm putting down? If not, imagine an actually stable source of Nitain Extract. Yeah. That.

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