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Crew Ships just never spawned, or left the playable zone.

(XBOX)Sgt K Onyx

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I was playing an Earth area Railjack level with a clan-mate and two randoms. Over the course of our mission we were to destroy 60 fighters, 4 crew ships, and a hanger.  We got the fighters and one of the crew ships, stole the one out of the hanger, and we waited for another crew ship to spawn/get marked.  And waited.  And waited.  And searched the whole 40+km map area.  And basically gathered every resource on the map.  And waited.  I had to leave, but my friend stayed a while longer, but never found them or got them to spawn.  I spent about 30-50 minutes in the map, at least 15 of which happened after we realized the crew ships weren't spawning.  There appears to be no check for this, or method to leave the mission and keep our duly farmed resources if this happens.

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On 2019-12-22 at 5:42 AM, (XB1)Sgt K Onyx said:

got the fighters

an there is the issue as if you take out all the fighters the game will not spawn anymore crewships.
i have gone into earth misisons an took out all the fighters an ignored the 1 crew ship that spawned an never had any others spawn.
had it done in many higher tier missions an took out all fighters an left crew ships for last with none spawning in

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There are generally ways to force the spawn depending on the scenario.

  • If the mission is not just an exterminate, they often hide on the far side of the asteroid base/galleon.  Flying away then re-approaching from different angles can fix it.
  •  Leaving the RJ at the edge of the battle scene, flying your AW to the last known battle area, then teleporting back onto the RJ may respawn them where you last fight.  I just had to do this 5 times in the last mission to get 5 RJ (and fighters for that matter as I still had 70 I needed to kill).
  •  The Crew Ships can phase into large asteroids. Sometimes you need to investigate them with a synthsis scanner - especially the asteroids with the hole in the middle.  A weapon with punch through can sometimes get them to move out. (You can, as of this post, use your WF weapons by slingshotting into space rather than targetting a ship)
  •  As a last resort, the host can take one for the team, abort and force a host migration which resets spawns.

All the above suck and really drag the mission out but if you have that precious reward, they are worth a shot.


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