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Quality Of Life Suggestion


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First and most desired.. KICK OPTION!!


Well.. some people refuse to leave despite asking nicely, or of course the notorious AFKers that suddenly move at the end of the mission, which ties into Empyrean, which makes Freeloaders alot more annoying.. since they can just stay on board and not do a single thing but walk around and pretend to do things.. (though I understand if its their first time and just trying to learn how to do things or dont know how.) plus  having to disband the group and sending invites again and again.. is annoying. 

Then it comes to my second quality of life thing.

Keeping squad when leaving the dojo or maybe have a "keep squad" and maybe a disband one aswell.  Something along those lines.


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I say NO to the kick option (Edit: while in missions). I'd rather have 2 AFKers per mission than the potential of the kick option being abused.

Imagine queuing into ESO as a Wukong and getting kicked back to Orbiter after loading screen just because they're waiting for 2nd nuker.
Imagine getting labeled as AFK because you're meditating on the defense cryopod objective. But you've put effort into maximizing that build. You're in the Operator mode as Excal Umbra and have deployed a Trinity specter and your Ancient Healer Eximus.

If the kick option is implemented, no matter the conditions you put on it, people will ask for more free use of it. And there will be people who'd abuse it.

As for the Railjack freeloading, there really should be larger squads. Redundancy should be a thing. If someone is incompetent or just downed 90% of the time, not only are they not fulfilling their duty, but also waste other's time on reviving. Extra crew members should fix the issue.
And, NO! I don't want them kicked. This is not a competitive PvP game.

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As for keeping the squad, I'm all for it! The group disbnding itself and having to send invites again and again.. is annoying.

While not in a mission, would it be possible to make EVERYONE a host and discard the data that doesn't match? If that's possible, there'd be no more host migrations or disbands.

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On 2019-12-22 at 6:36 PM, Uthael said:

I say NO to the kick option

I think having a kick option in orbiter(or anywhere when not on a mission) is a good idea but not when inside the mission. Maybe someone went AFK after completing a mission or didn't equip a radiant relic(in this case kick option is useful). They can add kick vote like other games.

A separate disband squad option for host should also be add and in no other case the squad should disband(e.g. leaving dojo, relay, negative vote on mission, aborting a mission etc.). Abort mission option should call for a vote.

These are some genuine QoL improvements for a co-op game(s).

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