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Anyone Else Think Galatine Is An Experiment?


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Now hear me out on this one. We all know melee is kinda lackluster and very situational. For the most part, my Strun Wraith can do anything my melee weapon can, but from further away and without endangering myself. I love my Gram to death, but most of the time it was just a back accessory. I used it to open crates and sometimes Id charge in and swing for a little bit-knowing that I was being inefficient anyways.


But Galatine is a good melee weapon. It's big. It can hit really hard. Properly modded, it overcomes it's speed issue. ANd when swarmed, I can hit/kill enough of your attackers to make it a viable option. (whereas before... I would just spam the trigger while trying to jump out of a mob)


But that's the thing, DE didnt want to just CHANGE melee all around. Afterall it's in a sad kinda state as is, no reason to anger players because they want to see how something works. So I think they made Galatine different on PURPOSE. They made it easy to buy, easy to craft, and easy to use while being REALLY effective.


And that's the thing: it's on par with gun play. Instead of aiming down my sights at close range I actually bust my baby out and chop people in half instead... and it's just as effective. Im not hampering my kill/time ratio by using melee attacks.


I hope Im right and that this was a more subtle experiment to see how mega buffed melee would work out, because it makes it a very viable option. Just sayin DE.

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Actually there is no difference between beta and release. So in the minds of developers.


The product is already done, just filled and improving.


The rest excuse for lawyers , the phrase "the game is just a beta" as a justification popular sounds

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disclaimer: i read zero words in the actual thread.



my reasoning? everything in Warframe is an experiment. that's the way it's being developed. different things are tried, to find a solution to each problem that fits best. 

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