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RYA node Sentient ship mission broke


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I, and a squad, were attacking the sentient ship on RYA. we completed the first instance smoothly. Then, to save time we restarted the instance by warping to the same node. At first, all was fine till we boarded the sentient ship. Instantly the mission was completed, so said cy and the marker indicated it too. We killed all the sentients none the less. Mission accomplished by getting 3 shedu parts so we boarded the ship to complete the rest of the missions. That is where the major breaking took place. Something stuttered for all of us but as the host, I didn't see any worrying signs till one member lost access to the ship's interfaces and then crashed. Another got stuck in space, not able to move or use anything; he later died but was stuck at 99% revive and to me "DEAD". Another got stuck on a crewship. I powered through the mission destroying all the fighters I flew across but no other crewships spawned in. We were totally unable to complete the mission. Out of desperation, I used the navigation terminal to attempt to take us back to the Dry Dock, but the game soft locked me from the ship and teleported the space stranded tenno on board. From there nothing happened. Lastly, I Alt-F4 ed out, but that didn't help the crew members that were left in the mission. I could not record any video but I do have two pictures of the event, wether they help or not is debatable.




I am posting this to this forum and submitting a request with the subject "Sentient ship mission Broke," and category "missing end mission reward," just to because I am not sure which one is more appropriate for this event.

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