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Holiday Railjack Bugs

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Happy Holidays DE!  Hope you're being merry.  I've got a few bugs to report for ya, hopefully they can be worked on when you get back.


-- Lens flares!  They look awesome.  The best way to make that forward artillery look more awesome?  LENZ FLEARZ...  However, it seems that firing the Forward Artillery causes everyone to see the lens flare, making it hard to see and move in some places.

-- Some players have told me that loot found in points-of-interest (crewships, galleons, platforms etc.) are not global pickups, like other Railjack-type loot pickups.  Meaning everyone has to go through the map to loot everything.  This can even be seen in the Tactical Chase View, where resources remain behind after other players break the containers.

-- Speaking of crewships, the Grineer security on their reactors sucks.  Cancelling the hack on a crewship reactor shield counts as a success, lowering the shield.  That's the cost of mass-producing your ships (and your labor force) I suppose!

-- Sometimes I find myself pouring all of my bullets into an Exo fighter only to find it's being healed by a crewship - even when there are no crewships in the area!  It's also quite difficult to see the HP bar on ships against the red background of the Veil, so you can't tell right away if you are actually damaging it or not.

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