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Loosing mission rewards after leaving Arbitration post mortem


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So today I played some Disruption in Arbitration and reached rotation 10 when I suddenly died. Instead of waiting for revival I decided to leave the group (not because I'm an A-hole but because dinner was ready and I literally had to leave either way so I thought that was my best option).

The (almost) exact wording of the message you get when you leave Arbitration post morten is:
"Leave Mission: You will receive all previous rewards and exp, but you will be separated from your team. Are you sure you want to leave the mission?"

Now to my issue: I lost everything...

The game explicitly tells you that it's safe to leave the mission at that point since you will keep all of the stuff you got from the previous rotations (I don't know if regular drops count aswell but idrc 'bout those) yet I got nothing. Neither exp nor any rewards. I checked my inventory and there was indeed everything like it was before that run. So either the message was completely misleading or I just experienced one of the worst kind of bugs that could possibly occur in a looter shooter.

Has anyone else had a similar experience? Please tell me about it because I would lik to know how often stuff like that happens.

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