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Railjack progress is saved the same as bounties


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While many people are afraid to abort out of a game until the pilot flies to another area to bring up the mission results screen, I suspected that the system may be using a similar saving paradigm as open world areas. If you didn't know, on open world areas, after a bounty is completed a progress save is done and you can safely abort out of the mission and still get EVERYTHING you got up until that moment, including drops off the ground. Anything you picked up after the bounty completed and triggered a save event is NOT saved unless you go to the door back into the city to trigger another save event. Mining and fishing are unique in that they are supposed to save immediately as you mine/fish, so those should be saved regardless of how you leave the mission (as you'll see this is one thing that's different, blowing up asteroids and what not is not saved as you do it in RJ missions). The mission results screen has never accurately reflected this when you abort, but it's true and you can test it yourself if you want. You can't really trust the mission results screen in many circumstances unfortunately, so you can't really use it as a way to accurately gauge if you lost anything. 

I decided to do a test on RJ missions to see if the same logic was true. I did a solo game of the first Earth mission so it would be a quick test. I went to equipment –> inventory and wrote down a few common resource numbers so I could compare at the end. I then did the mission, I also broke a few asteroids after the mission so I could see what happens to resources gained AFTER the mission is completed if you abort.

Before the mission I had 26,662 Carbides, 21,817 Titianium and 28,450 Pustrels.

After the mission was complete and counted down and then showed the bonus rewards, I immediately paused the game and checked the mission progress report. I got +1000 bonus Carbides and an additional 40 from ships/crates. I also got +35 titanium from some kind of drops.

I then resumed and also got an additional +24 pustrels and 48 titanium from shooting things with my ship and then aborted the mission.

The mission summary screen only showed the bonus rewards from mission completion and credits and nothing else.

Then, checking equipment → inventory again, I ended with 27,702 Carbides (1,040 more than before), 21,852 Titanium (35 more than before) and the same amount of pustrels.

This shows that a progress save event is done immediately upon completion of a mission and saves all of your rewards including those that you picked up from ships and crates. However, if you abort after having picked up resources after the mission is completed by flying around, those resources are NOT saved when you abort. You would have to do something to trigger another progress saving event to record those rewards (which I assume would include flying to a new location, but I didn't test that further). This also likely means that if you refine resources from the forge after a mission is completed and abort out that you would miss those resources (unless refining resources is itself a progress saving event, but I didn't test that and doubt that that's the case).

The relevance of this is that it should be safe to abort out of a mission after it is complete if your pilot continues to fly around farming resources and you do not want to. You should get everything up until the point that the mission counted down to completion and did a progress save, even if the end mission screen doesn't accurately reflect that you did (IE: mine only showed bonus rewards but also gave me the things I picked up from ships and crates before the end of the mission). It will mean that you'd lose out on refined resources most likely unless someone hits refine before the mission counts down to completion.

edit: another relevant point is that if you go around and pick up loot from ships destroyed during the mission after the mission is already complete, you probably would not get those rewards if you abort out of the mission. You would likely only get them if you triggered another progress save by flying somewhere else (and this is another really good reason to buff vacuum radius by a lot so you actually pick up your loot DURING the mission so it's saved at mission completion). 

I did not test this as a client since I often chain missions and never wrote down the before and after numbers before. It's possible that it doesn't work for some reason if you're a client rather than a host since there's a lot of client/host bugs currently, but people should test this to see if they get the same results and confirm that this is how it works both as host and client. If other players can re-create this by looking at your inventory before and after the game, everyone can be reassured that it's safe to abort from missions after completion if you want to and don't want to stay in a game where a pilot is going on an asteroid shooting adventure. I believe it's really just the inaccurate mission results screen that makes people think they're losing stuff by aborting at that point. 

Also, if you are a host, even if progress is saved for everyone the moment a mission completes, you still shouldn't abort yourself immediately as that causes a host migration. Even if they still got everything (even if not shown by the results screen) it's still rude and annoying and many people will believe they were somehow harmed by it even if they weren't. If you have a group of friends to test this with though, you could also do the same kind of test I did and intentionally have the host abort as soon as the mission is complete just to see if progress is still saved for the clients even if the migration makes their rewards screen not show anything after they also abort. 

TLDR: 1) there is a progress saving event at the moment a Railjack mission counts down to completion and lists your bonus rewards (exactly as there is in open world bounties). If you abort at that point, you still get everything you got up until that moment, even though the mission results screen doesn't accurately reflect that.

2) Anything you get AFTER that mission completion progress saving event (like from flying around shooting asteroids) is NOT saved until you do something else to trigger a progress save such as flying to a new location, so you can't just abort at any point while farming asteroids if you want to keep all post-mission loot.

Hoping some other people can test this themselves and confirm that it's working as described in various circumstances (IE host vs. client and maybe also after a host migration). 

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DId you try going to another mission before aborting?

9 minutes ago, Borg1611 said:

You would have to do something to trigger another progress saving event to record those rewards (which I assume would include flying to a new location, but I didn't test that further).

AH, you didn't. This is something I'll have to test then, since so far I've assumed that moving on to next mission would do it, but I now have my doubts.

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16 minutes ago, Megalomaniakaal said:

DId you try going to another mission before aborting?

AH, you didn't. This is something I'll have to test then, since so far I've assumed that moving on to next mission would do it, but I now have my doubts.

Just tested this really quick in the first Earth mission to make sure and flying to a new location does appear to be a progress saving event and saves everything you got after the mission completion.

Before mission I had 27, 702 Carbides, 21, 852 titanium, 28,450 pustrels and 1,150 Asterite. 

Immediately after mission completion I had +1k carbides as a reward and +21 from pickups, I got +750 pustrels as a bonus and +20 pickups and +20 titanium from pickups.

After mission completion I went up to +74 titanium (which includes the previous +20) and got +3 asterite. 

I then flew to a new mission (same node but a new mission), it showed the mission completion screen with everything included.

I then aborted immediately after getting into the new mission, it showed an empty abort screen.

Checked inventory, ended with 28, 723 carbides (+1,021 compared to before), 21,926 titanium (+74), 29,220 pustrels (+770), and 1,153 asterite (+3)

So flying to new nodes works as people expect in terms of saving progress (and this results more often in an accurate mission result screen which is probably why people seem to depend on this method only rather than aborting immediately at the end of a mission if they don't want to stay on that ship). 

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