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veil proxima Bugged healing


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Hoping another thread about this will annoy DE enough to look into it D;!

- Crewship heal bubbles not visible to off-host, and cannot be shot by off-host

- Fighters will bug even if the crewship/bubble is destroyed and still heal at full HPS (so much only an archwing, or a R-J with Particle Ram + at least 1 MK3 gun on it, or a high damage seeker missile crit is require to kill it)

- The healing is kind of stupid can it be toned down just a little so a mk3 gun even has a tiny chance of out dpsing it (or at least until the bug is fixed, it seems a fair mechanic if the bugs weren't there) I know archwing guns can out dps the healing on bugged ships but the whole point of these missions is to like, use this huge cool ship you guys made, right? Even though having an amesha guy or two off-ship is still important.

- Last issue: My railjack doesn't get huge over powered healing bubbles that bug on players to heal infinitely, when will that be implemented? Jokinglol.


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they said on last devstream , after 8 hotfixs like 80% Empyrean is good. I think they mistake , they meant 80% of that update still broken. For example : Slingshot if you hit a fighter instead of crewship you gonna stuck with warframe weapons, They said crewship will no longer seek for archwing , that supposed to fixed archwing get once shot from crewships, i dont know what is the logic in their mind that will help. After 8 hotfixs most of the bugs still there (the slingshot bugs). You can join an railjack mission without run into at least 3 bugs. If they rushing stuffs out the door like this, they gonna end up like fallout 76. Piece of junk gameplay with tons of bugs

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