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Motion sickness inducing Rail Jack bug


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Twice now, I've done a railjack mission, triggered a bug that causes the screen shake to shake for the rest of the mission, and it's actually given me motion sickness on my couch. 

Here's how you trigger it. When you go into a crewship and blow up the reactor, if you stay inside for it to blow up, you will have no negative effect, and can collect all the drops instead of having to wait outside for the ship to finish it's explosion animation. It's really handy for not dying while trying to pick up wreckage. 

However, something about the process can keep the screenshake feature going after you exit the crewship. And it won't stop ever. Only being in the menu will pause it, but then it starts up again. And yes, it will get worse if you are using anything that cause screen shake, like my staticor being charged up. 

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