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[CRITICAL BUG] Can't see game screen when I selected to see a teammate profile / and sortie rewards are lost


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I think I had reported this bug a few months ago or 3 years ago, I can't remember.


This bug is really anoying. If I do a mission with some people and those people force to enter another mission when I didn't exit from the last mission, I get the next CRITICAL bug. I first see the last mission rewards while I'm in other one (picture 1). If I click on a teammate profile, I get the bug. As you can see on 2nd picture, you can see on the top side that 2 people selected to start the mission and the circle of countdown. In that moment, if I try to use ESCAPE key, the game doesn't work. If I try to see other teammate profile to see if this problem solve, the bar on the top part dissapear and I can't do nothing, even I tried to see if /unstuck command do something with thise, but nothing happened.


Added to this problem, if my teammate finish the mission (sortie one), I don't receive rewards as you can see on picture 4, but at least, the sortie mission is not marked as solved (picture 5).JYFeQyB.jpgWDcNz4H.jpgRceNsr7.jpgIzDlkRr.jpgzpF0MBX.jpg

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