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[INT][PC][CLAN] - Pwnography (Shadow Clan)


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Pwnography is a small, close-knit clan that doesn't plan on expanding past 30 members. We are international, english-speaking, and active. Our clan has all research completed (including Ignis Wraith), and share the costs whenever new items are released. We have many veteran members who are capable of completing the hardest content Warframe has to offer, such as triple eidolon captures and veil railjack. We prefer to use Discord over in-game chat, so you should be willing to get on Discord often. Pwnography also has a badass logo! Our clan is always active in discord, regardless of the state of the game. If you prefer to get to know a small group of people well, this is the clan for you.

Some requirements:

* Play on PC
* Speak English
* Mastery rank 20+
* Age 18+
* Regularly use Discord
* Have a mic
* Be somewhat active

Let me know if you're interested and I'll get in contact with you! Preferred method is by leaving a comment in this thread. Alternatively, my in-game name is BrewBreuw and Discord name is BrewBreuw#9373.


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