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Which Should I Potato?



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I have 2 catalysts. Which should I potato, Soma, Galatine, or Synapse?

If you own a Soma and don't have it potato'd you are insulting the crit awesomeness of that weapon. For fun, potato and run a Tier I Survival... John "freaking" Rambo time!!!!

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It depends on what you want.

Synapse is a weapon specially dedicated to killing corpus. it is only good versus corpus, but it is the best weapon in the game against them. With it you will kill any corpus enemy within few seconds (even less most of the time), even corpus over level 100. If you do a lot of end-game missions versus corpus, potato your sinapse.


Soma is an OK weapon versus everything. It does not ignore armor so it will be less effective in late game. If you play against all factions and don't fight enemies above level 72, then potato Soma.


Galantine is the best charge weapon of the game. Has a smaller radius than Orthos but its potatoed charge build is specially devastating late game. If you play an end-game of 72 or higher and need a melee weapon to quickly kill anything, potato Galantine.

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