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[Recruiting] The Users


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"A digital frontier to reshape the human condition."  - Description of the ISO/Tenno by Kevin Flynn


We are the Users. We control the Tenno Network that allows us to fight and work as one. Kevin Flynn helped create this network with his brilliance, which was carried on by his son, Sam, and was eventually handed down to the Lotus. We owe it to the Flynns for creating the network that helps us win our endless war. But we owe it to Tron for saving both Kevin and Sam. He was a forerunner to the Tenno, the ultimate warrior, who would have been one of us if he was a user himself. We strive to match Kevin's brilliance and Tron's skill. We hope to protect their legacy, and to make sure no one threatens it.


"On the other side of the screen, it all looks so easy." - Kevin Flynn

Those we find worthy of Kevin's legacy are given the responsibility of being a User; one of the controllers of the Tenno Network.









"I fight for the Users" - Tron

Those who wish to fight for us, and one day become a User must first follow the steps of Tron, doing whatever it takes defend the Users and the Network.











1. Be active


2. Don't be a $&*^ (spam, abuse admin powers, etc)


3. Have fun


We accept anyone of any level or skill. Leave your username, timezone, and any other info below. Expect an invite in less then a day.


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