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Wheres Stalker?



Ever since update 9 Stalker stopped coming after me. Did they increase the achievements required for him to spawn? I tried several ways to make him spawn, Example, equipping level 1 items. Its not working what, What should I dOooooo?!?!

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he's been edited a while back to.more of a progression bar.

pretty much what you can do is, kill a boss. go do a few(could be one, could be six) extermination missions(every enemy you kill goes toward said progress bar) and he'll show up. If it works out well you can see him roughly once or twice in a couple days of playing. was how I got all the blueprints.

congrats BTW, you made a lurker come out of his hole. rofl

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Killing one or 100 bosses doesn't change the possibility of him showing up once.  But the more bosses you kill the more often he has a possibility of showing up.


I went for a pretty good time, maybe from U9 all the way to U10 without seeing him, but i've run into him about 6 or 7 times targeting both me and others I was with in the last week.  Slash dash and no BP everytime though.

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The Stalker is crying because he no is a Founder and dont have cash for donate and get the excalibur, lato and skana prime.


to make appear the Stalker, you will write in chat: Stalker get a job!


seriously now ... you must kill many bosses  preferably grinner and this appear, plays on maps where you don't have killed him, it will have more chance to make appear the stalker ...


your're looking for the hate? if so I too :3.


Sorry for my bad english bro, good luck and happy hunting :P.

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