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If Guass speed can work so can Archwing and K-Drive.


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Gauss isn't actually all that fast. The FoV stretch makes him appear faster than it is.

With that said - I'm of the opinion that we SHOULD be allowed to use our K-Drives inside indoor tilesets. Archwings, not so much. Those things have collision issues up the ass, as anyone who's played Sharkwing can tell you, but K-Drives are relatively stable. DE even seem to have fixed the issue of sliding your head against the ceiling during jumps. I ride my K-Drive inside Corpus outposts all the time in Orb Vallis, so AT LEAST that needs to be available in missions.

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6 hours ago, (XB1)GearsMatrix301 said:

Except Gauss has very tight controls on his sprinting. Kdrives and archwings do not.

Your request is ridiculous and absurd.

Literally what are you talking about? K-Drives are useless in open-world, so allowing them to be used anywhere would actually put them on the radar.

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1 hour ago, (XB1)Erudite Prime said:


Depends if you like em'.

I get some folks believe if it's not the best, there's no reason for it.
That's not a belief I subscribe to.

The open worlds mean more to me when I can appreciate the landscape,
do some hoverboard tricks, and enjoy myself.

Also.. why do we have 40+ Warframes and hundreds of weapons,
if all players only ever want the clear dominant strategy in every case?
K-drives are for fun. Archwings are for serious time.

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1 minute ago, (XB1)SixGunLove said:

And both should be able to be used on tilsets. 

I'm ok with that.

There are so many tiles I want to K-drive in.
I put a lens in mine. 😃 
Been hoping for that update ever since they launched.

But, since Archwing's have been exploding a lot on collision,
those might be more dubious.

If it were just K-drives in mission, as mentioned by @(XB1)Erudite Prime,
they would have an edge.

Though, if the pace of games gets faster than it already is..
there's more of a push to just choke out any casual, and turn it into speed run.
Which.. defeats half the purpose of K-drive.

Now that I mention it, I think I see why they haven't wasted their time. =/

I'd still enjoy it in solo, but that might be all you're allowed to do.

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