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Toggle for heavies on Hold


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Wasn't sure if to put it here or in general, either way. the title basically says it all. I was wondering if a toggle option would be possible for it, randomly having a heavy proc in a combo focused build is rather annoying, mostly seems to happen when your weapon has high attack speed and I find it rather silly you get punished for it when the game feels like punishing you. Anytime you heavy you lose all your combo, which with some weapons on some maps, is not easy to build up in the first place. I am also aware that on melee 3.0 launch, heavy on hold was actually disabled (either that or I had a bug) and was later changed/fixed. I mostly mention this because some mods such as weeping wounds or blood rush rely entirely on your combo count. It's kind of unfortunate that sometimes the game can just choose when a mod is "bad" because it wants to do a heavy.

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56 minutes ago, v1ld_wf said:

(never mind, misunderstood)

Do agree that hold light attack to do heavr attack is redundant when there's a dedicated heavy key (which is way better).

as I said, there wasn't a "hold" function on 3.0 release, but apparently due to player feedback it got re-added. not sure why myself since it's more problematic than helpful.

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