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Railjack: Mods "missing" from avionics

(XBOX)Tucker D Dawg

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I have 8 mods installed under "Integrated" however only two of them show up on the UI.

They are applied as I can see from my ship statistics that Hull for example is at 5600 but "Bulkhead" is not showing up on the main upgrade screen. (and all but two of the other 8 mods are missing as well)

If I press "Y" to upgrade "Avionics" and it auto filters to the Installed mods, they are all listed on that page but not visible on the main page. 

The problem has persisted through logging off/restarting warframe.

I can't highlight the invisible ones to remove them (I wanted to remove then re-add them to see if they would appear). I tried hovering over them with both mouse and controller. Can only highlight the visible ones.

I can't click the "blank" cell to install a DIFFERENT mod, as it complains it would exceed my ship capacity. (was thinking I could swap to a random mod then back again to fix the issue)


Basically can't mod my ship anymore.


Edit to add: Restarting WF a second time brought them back - but there's a bug in there somewhere.




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I have had a couple of mods actually disappear as well. As in not in my inv or installed on my ship. I am currently experiencing this with only two mods though. Connic nozzle and Warhead, the mod that just up and disappeared was  a maxima mod. Put in a ticket but no response yet. The ONLY way i can see that they are actually still installed is when I go to the upgrade/enhance ui for the avionics. Then they will show up.


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Yeah I just had my entire grid disappear and show the incorrect amount of avionics from the reactor.

Re-opened the UX via customization railjack console, and now the battle avionics cant find half my avionics including the void hole I got.

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