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How to universal blink?



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For PS4 users there’s a glitch with it if you’ve never messed with your key bindings.

all you’ve got to do is go into your controller settings and exit while saving the changes as you exit.  You don’t have to actually change anything, just open the controller settings then close it again choosing to save the settings.

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On 2019-12-23 at 1:34 PM, (PS4)ErydisTheLucario said:

Yeah...idk how to blink on a ps4 controller. Can I get an explanation? 

you need to double tap L1
if that doesnt work plz head into options an customize controller
on general you see blink is set to L1
change your blink to something else an save
go an reset controls to default or manually set it back to L1

15 hours ago, (PS4)TONI__RIBEIRO said:

We still don't have that.

no once consoles got the dry dock we didnt get the uni-blink till we got the railjack operational

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