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POE markers for underground missions are broken. Failing missions for going to the waypoint.


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Doing a bounty quest, one of the stages was to find caches, I believe. I went to the waypoint only to realize it was another of those things to be found underground and was not on the surface (mission does not mention this). So I bee-lined it to the area of the cave entrance, or where I thought the cave entrance was (which is way outside of the mission's zone), and I failed the mission because I had to leave the zone and "abandoned" it to find the actual entrance to that stage of the mission. PLEASE put a marker at the cave entrance, or even an area highlight for it, much like the cache missions themselves, if you're worried about making it too easy to find. I have no idea how hard this would be to weave into the code, but to follow instructions and fail a mission in its current state, is broken imo.

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