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Railjacks need diverse (modular?) powers and personalities like Warframes.


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Upgrades are currently static and akin to a WW 2 bomber running a solo bombing raid with minimal fighter escort (AW).

Slow-Moving Bombers generally had a very hard time of it against fighter squadrons which is why they tried to avoid engagements as long as possible and flew in large numbers (squadrons).

If the Reliquary Drive is a nod to a living, other-dimensional/Void component of our Railjacks, like Warframes, then let’s give them personality and modular versions of Warframe-like powers to stretch the speed and power of Warframe Combat to a larger scale.  4 has alwAys been a good number.

1.  Speed/Maneuverability 

2.  AoE

3. Offensive/Defensive capabilities

3.  Stealth

4.  Unique weaponry

5.  CC

6.??? Etc.

You can easily monetize and stack the progressions on the existing “boiler-plate” Railjack experience, and it will go a LONG way towards personalizing our experience and blending what we love about the old with the potential of the New.


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I am not a fan of the idea of railroading players into pre-designed skillsets with the ships. I do agree that some of the abilities need better balancing VS their rarity, cost and utility. And more importantly, we need better access to more Avionics Capacity. Even if we got just +1 for each fully-enhanced Grid node, that +15 Avionics score would make a huge difference.

To further evaluate the topic: it makes sense with the Warframes as a statistical / operational package for game balance (though I wish to God they'd let us change the appearance of one frame to look like another). But as we've seen, it also creates a balancing nightmare as older designs become less useful as new tools or power creep are introduced. Archwings are a perfect microcosm to explore this concept -- there's only 4 of them, and yet the newest, the Amesha, is really the only viable option in Veil Proxima (and no, the missiles don't track Archwings anymore change did not help in this regard.) That said, I don't want to repeat this gameplay fault with my Railjack.

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