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Why do I deal that much dmg ?



I realize this is a weird question but I'm still kinda new to Warframe (130 hours) and I don't perfectly understand the modding system and how to maximize dmg

I quickly modded my Broken war (bc it came with a potato equipped and I don't have any significantly better melee weapon atm), without really knowing what I was doing and it became BY FAR my strongest weapon, even though I thought it was a S#&$ty one. Even my Tigris prime cannot compare (to be fair, it doesn't have a potato equipped and I lack a lot of mods). 

So basically my question is: why does it deal so much damage compared to the rest of my arsenal ? is it just bc it has a catalyst on it and the mods kinda snowball ? am I doing sth right without knowing it ? is the base weapon actually decent ? How can I make it better ?

my build https://imgur.com/a/WGGfOdu

thank you !!!

PS : I know it's not actually dealing a lot of damages, it's not really sortie worth or anything, but at my level it's still really good

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Broken war is not a bad weapon by any means, but also if you pay attention, you have a 77% critical chance on it that gives you a 4.2x damage multiplier. Couple that with combos being easier to build up now for even more damage and yeah, melee weapons can definitely do well.

edit: with the new melee system that was recently introduced you are likely also dealing some finishers from the combo system and another mod you have on boosts the finisher damage too.

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broker war is the strongest 1 hand sword lol 
it even better than war itself.
if you can easily get Redcrit by just using Bloodrush and  100% status chance with Weeping Wound

also Slash status effect ignore armor,even the enemies you attack have like 90% dmg reduction from armor
slash proc will completely ignore it dealing full dmg on their health

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