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Requesting mining module for railjack


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Railjack is an opportunity for de to expand warframe world. At this point DE can do whatever they want with this update. It open so much door for other game mode.

Resources is hard to farm.

My suggestion is that. On free roam mode.

Let us use mining module in our railjack so we can grind and mine those asteroids.

Or salvage tool so we can get some of those orikin tech floating around.

Or harvest void energy or solar energy whatever.

Then keep it or sell it for credit or traded  it at maroo bazaar or cetus.

Call it a relax mode or down time mode from war or killing 

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the only resources i've found hard to farm are the ones that only drop from enemies (in particular trachons), the resources from asteroids can be gotten in droves using the following tactic: get a squad together with one pilot/gunner and an engineer, and two "miners", the pilot and engineer go slay enemies with your probably overpowered railjack on a low level earth mission, while the two miners ignore the mission completely and shoot/collect all the glowing asteroids. i usually get 2 to 3K titanium without booster in this way, so if you have a booster active, you can easily get enough resources to repair a part within 3 runs.

if you cant make a squad, you can do this in public missions too, assuming your railjack is strong enough (mine has 6K HP and 2.3K armor). it's actually quite a nice practice oppertunity for newbies who want to pilot without dying every couple seconds due to crashing into stuff or getting shot. although only having one miner might take a bit long and may get on some people's nerves, so you may have to restart the mission once it is done. so your resources per mission will go down but your resources per second will remain about the same.

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