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Dojo: Great Hall Child Component of Greater Hall. Improper Dojo Relations


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Dear DE,

I started my own clan after the release of Empyrean, and since then I've been feverishly construction, deconstructing, and crying in the corner of my Dojo. The reason for my sobbing is because the layout of my Dojo is fubar due to a extremely odd infinity loop. Which is...


My Greater Hall can not be deconstructed due to it having a child component of the Great Hall, which of course can't be deconstructed because it's a prerequisite of the Greater Hall.


Now, not only does that make zero sense how a room that HAD to be built first is somehow the child component of a room that came after, but the two rooms aren't even connected! Despite having the rest of my Dojo in a closed circuit, there are a total of maybe five rooms that all have child components of the Great Hall despite being spread around the layout.


Please. This is terrible. I don't want to spend my Holidays destroying a few days of work due to the ridiculous construction limitations.


What can I do, or provide to garnish some form of assistance in these trying times? 


Kindly Begging,



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