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Dojo Hallways Not Connecting Properly


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In my clans dojo I have been building a connector between two parts of the dojo.  I was connecting the grander hall (one of the halls with 6 doors) to offshoots from the original clan hall; when I finally reached the area where the two sides (I started from the grander hall and the offshoots) the door that should have connected the two pieces instead labeled it as a "dead end."


I trust the new grid system to have everything lined up correctly, but suspect the fact that when I run down the longer of the two offshoots everything that should be in proximity to that particular hallway disappears from the mini-map and the build screen, however they are still registered as entities.


I am not sure if this was intended or not (I hope not) but I eagerly await a fix for this so I can properly use the new dojo grid system to connect these two parts of my clan's dojo.


Thank you,


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