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Sands Of Inaros 3rd Step (Denial Bursa) (December 25th 2019)


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I've been trying to complete the Sands of Inaros questiline for about 5 days, but I'm stuck on the 3rd urn filling, according to the wiki, the symbol on my jar says I need to kill 5 Denial Bursa. I have killed way over 5, and my jars symbol doesn't progress. I have tried using a different frame, farming a different mission, and playing with the mission both Active and Pending, as well as unequiping the urn, doing another mission, requiping the urn and going to farm the Bursa again, but nothing seems to work.

I'd be greatful for any advice.

Merry Christmas too!

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I don't know what to tell you, my middle was 20 railgun moas, and I had to kill nearly 30. Then 5 Juggernauts, which was CAKE to farm on Europa solo... Could run it in under 5:30 on the fifth one.

And then a massive brick wall of difficulty with the final mission boss where it's apparently impossible? 1HKs, can't find the right loadout... just the massive spike in difficulty because the game isn't balanced at all.

Then again AI changes have apparently bricked MR9 stealth test in the last months? Year? As near as I can gather from the forums and etc., so it might be time to take another year or so off while DE finally balances things. Maybe. They don't seem to have paid much attention to it before.

I mean, just keep farming it, but I don't think it's going to matter the way the last mission is.


EDIT: OK, cheese every best thing you have for corrosive. I FINALLY got through it (with an ASH PRIME, VECTIS PRIME, Kunai, and Redeemer - all set to maxing health/shields and corrosive) though part of it also seems to have been blind luck. It's a badly-balanced game where you have to be THAT specific about a build and only barely get through it, when everything leading up to it was pretty OK with whatever build you had, as long as it wasn't really dumb. It's just that sudden ramp in difficulty curve that's annoying me.

As for the D. Bursas... yeah, the game is bad at counting sometimes, I guess.

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Thanks for those tips Darth,

I kept grinding the Bursa and eventually they started to count, I'm not quite sure what did it, but it happened. I had no problems filling up the jar afterwards.

I also managed to work my way through the final boss fight with a friend, turns out, if you both have a jar in your gear loadout you can go into the same instance of the boss fight, however, my friends jar wasn't fully filled, meaning my jar has become a ship decoration and I can't help him with the final boss for his run. The boss took us 2 attempts and a lot of hit-and-run. 

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