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PC MR 27 Looking for adult Ghost or Shadow active Clan


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Hi everyone, I´ve been playing Warframe since March 2013, with more than 2600 hours in game, Mastery Rank 27, looking for a Ghost or Shadow Clan with active Tenno, since in the clan I´m in right now, I´m the only one active.
I prefer a clan with adult people, but i´m open to anything. Preferably with full dojo, but I care the most about complete Dry Dock (with MK III Armaments and Components) right now.
I just want to have friendly Tenno to join, without too many clan restrictions.

Let me know the name of your Clan, if it is Ghost or Shadow and your IGN to contact you if i like it.

See you around Tenno.


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i have a ghost clan with all research, for dry dock i only covered seeker missile mk3 since you get better parts for other component just from playing normally. if you still need a clan for research purpose and dry dock. you can pm me in game or drop a message here. since its ghost only got 3  active players atm. but got alliance to keep company. in short its a basic clan with all research and no mandatory rules other than staying active monthly. 

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