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RJ anomaly, mission leaving and 2 possible solutions


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hey there,


since mission leavers in the sentient mission become a more and more dominant problem, and blowing up a mission because of:

a) host leaves, migration fails and mission fails or the engine and scripts bug out and nothign works anymore
b) so called crew leaves, leaving the host all alone, and depending on gear the mission will most likely fail too then, or takes forever to finish.

i thought of 2 possible solutions for this problem:

  1. if a player leaves on this specific mission type, block them for 15 minutes from reentering it again
  2. make the entrance to the sentient ship avaliable after the normal mission targets are finished.

or just remove the rng from they stuff people want there, or at least ease it.

this whole unsatisfying situation around rj itself tops with this player behavior.

long gone the first rj-pug days of a friendly behavior inside of a group, we are back to ppl who can't even say "hi" or just jump with their ship to where ever they want without any word.

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1 hour ago, DarkRuler2500 said:

Possibly the easiest solution. 🙂

the best solution , no one likes to be punished like OP first suggestion .

Hell I dont know what DE was thinking when they released it as is now , we had this problem in the past over and over , you would think DE has learned from this mistake .

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