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Helminth Charger colours bugged.


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I've been googling this and checking this forum, reddit, etc. But there seems to be no concensus, nor a solution, nor an acknowledgment it's a bug.

This is what mine looks like when born and grown up and what it should look like in my orbiter.WmoUhdF.png

However for no reason I can see or find, it randomly changes to a bubblegum colour, both in my orbiter and in missions. I've now switched it to its second appearance slot, and it seems to 'take' for the orbiter at least, but it'll still be randomly bubblegum pink in missions.

Bubblegum pink is not even an option in any of my colour palettes let alone for the charger (all of those are "Natural Colour"). So. I have no idea what's going on, why it would go eye bleedingly pink, or if there's any way to actually keep it in the colour scheme it was born as.


(I did notice that in the appearance editing menu, the 'default appearance' is the same bubblegum pink as what it randomly turns into)

Edit: Out of 4 missions, one had it as the actual colours, 3 of the bubblegum pink.

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And now it's bubblegum in my orbiter again.

If I switch to my doggy, set appearance to B (instead of A) it reverts to the original mustard colour. If I switch to my sentinel, the doggy reverts to appearance A, which I somehow managed to make the bubblegum colour.

There doesn't appear to be any way to 'reset' appearance A to where it's the original mustard colour again. Switching between appearances in the Arsenal for the doggy makes it randomly flash between mustard and pink. Selecting 'Helminth Pattern' with the only Pattern (which shows up as bubblegum coloured) and actually activating it, seems to lock bubblegum into the appearance for the appearance tab you're doing that for (in my case, that would be A, with B being the right colour, and apparently in missions it just picks a completely random one)


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