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Railjack: No visible difference Sigma Engines MK 0 vs MK II?

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Hello everyone, I've had this question for a while now but no one can seem to answer it for me.

According to the description of the Sigma Engines MK II it is supposed to have +20km/h and +0.1 boost multiplier.

When I equip said Sigma MK II there are no visible stat changes except from the Engine Boost multiplier changing from x2.0 to x2.1 but the Engine speed remain unchanged at a 307m/s.

When I equip unrepaired Zetki Engines MK I with +10.1km/h the engine speed does change from 307m/s to 357m/s... Even the wiki says it should add 20km/h but again; see above.


Is this a visual bug or are these MK II engines not applying changes at all?




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