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Railjack in mission bugs


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Hello DE and Merry Christmas from NYC,

I have been playing Warframesine 2015 and have enjoyed the game and the changes made to it (Lunaro was fun for me). Empyrean is tons of fun and will only get better.

I am aware that you may already know of the following issues but here it goes:

-Railjack ship became in visible while on board

-When entering gunner turret got stuck floating in 360 view unable to exit because turret controls didn't spawn.

-While on turret experienced black out patches in level graphics.

-Enemy Fighters or crewships stop spawning making mission objectives impossible to complete.

-When exiting gunner turret automatically reentered gunner turret.

-Able see repair icons/ship damage after joining a mission in progress but unable to repair them.(note: they may have already been repaired before spawning in mission)

-When lauching archwing from railjack got stuck using warframe weapon loadout.

-When reentering railjack from archwing can see archwing weapon skins attached to warframe. 

-Not in railjack mission minor issues.                    When looking at avionics in scrap menu its not easy to tell which mods are equipped or what level/rank the mods are.                                            While selecting reactor wreckage parts in component section avionic mods temporarily dissapear if the exceed capacity limit.

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