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Wrong Text And Some More...


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I'm not so good at english, but I will give it a shot XD

When I'm starting a mission, on the loading screen appears the text "Hold [E] to perform a charge attack, this attacks..." but instead of "[E]" it says something with "/" and "_" and mayus words, from something like "MENU" or "MEELE" or this kind of things, it's the only text that I saw incorrect.

I'm sorry if anything of this post is on other post, but there are too many, when a problem is solved, you should delete the post, do you guys seem okay that? It's fine, I will continue:

Stalker attacks even in tutorial or during the transitioning time each five waves of enemys in endless defense missions.


Sometimes, I'm using the meele weapon, and a single click start and get me for ALL the charging animation, like a charged attack, or the player just stand still with the meele weapon, not letting me to strike anything else for a while, this is corrected with shooting with any gun (I've proved so far).

Again, I'm sorry, I know this may not be the place to place all the bugs I have found so far, but splitting it into a lot of pages, a lot of time, a lot of work, just to be skipped for the tittle or the topic, I will proceed now:

Seekers and Commanders do not get freezed by any freeze damage addition to any weapon, even overhelming they shields and health with an overpowered braton at max level freeze.

I see this one before, the combination "rage+quick thinking" making a player immortal, or someone shooting with a max level strun wraith with a catalist and full rank mods of damage make them far UNFAIR por PVP experience, as I have a Rhino max level Iron Skin with 255, 570 life and 870 shields and they kill me with four freaking shoots from short range.

Making the Flashlight a toggled-like style, making some powers work at PVP correctly like using Trinity Well of Life ability doesn't even stuns the objetive and make it really, REALLY dificult to win for (specially an support player like Trinity who doesn't have a damage skill)

Making an overpowered weapon like the Galatine just leave players at PVP being killed by a single charged strike, with some damage additions on it.

In a group of 4 or less in multiplayer when the "host migration" happens by no reason, you get dropped alone in a map, letting you being overhelmed by enemys if it is a mission out of the player experience.

Conclave raiting for PVP... with 251 up to 399 I can't play... that is a big mistake, I thing you should divide it on 0-100
100-200, 200-300, 300-400, 400-500, 500-1000, 1000 or more so when you get SO OP you only fight other OP players. My conclave rating right now is 16 out of 36... just by the "strun wraith" users.

A "grab attack" might be awesome as well, stamina cost, silent, dealing damage equal a % of player base health or something like that. Also minigames like "Obstacle Races (on maps or their own new maps), Free Killing Enemy Zone (not giving experiencie but scaling with each... I don't know... 50 enemies?), Killing Races, Hacking Races, Shooting Contests, o things like that.

Again and last, I'm sorry to post this in this site, I think you would pass through almost everything that doesn't have to do with "User Interfas" bugs, but yeah, I will post it on other topics, (the correct ones) sometime, I just feel like it's late night to write on every page.

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You really should just split this into multiple topics. The UI bug is one thing, the other bugs need to be relocated.


On-topic, I've been seeing the tooltip bugs as well. It's always a little disconcerting when I'm told to search my files and folders to do a charge attack.

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Yeah... I know, it's late and maybe my brain isn't getting enought oxygen (? I said I would split it later, I'm trying not to forgot them, because all this things came up while writing, I just get some of the bugs an hour ago when playing to get something to fight OP players... no luck at all, by the way.

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