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Temporary Buffs Via Pick-Up Items On Field


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Just an idea, would it be fun to have random coloured orbs you find on the field, either by killing enemies or breaking containers with a low drop rate, and when you pick up the orbs, you get different boosts for a short amount of time. 
For example if you pick up an orange coloured orb, your Primary weapon's attack power doubles for 15 seconds, or the damage you take is halved for 15 seconds, or if you pick up a purple coloured orb, your running speed doubles for 20 seconds, etc, you get the idea.


Of course it doesn't necessary need be an orb, maybe a new shape (crystal?). And the drop rate can be as low as a rare item drop since it's just a bonus buff. 

The point is to get some sort of power-ups in the middle of the fight and can save you if you're in tight situations, or need to clear the mobs faster,

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