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Is there any reason to not just stick corrosive on everything?


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With the frankly insane armor scaling found on even the most basic enemies, I've found very little reason to not simply put corrosive status on every weapon I have at the expense of pretty much ignoring all other statuses except maybe slash. The only time corrosive isn't useful is against Corpus proto-shields. And those are rare enough to not really be a problem.

Please DE, give other statuses some use against armor.

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It's not even just the status effect - corrosive also has the biggest damage bonus against ferrite armor, such that it's dealing almost double damage and ignoring 3/4 of the armor value. No other element can compete with that. That's also why the handful of alloy armored types seem so darn tanky, because they're only getting the advantage of the procs - and even then it's still the best element. It doesn't matter on the solar map, because armored enemies only get a few hundred armor in the highest level nodes, and other elements can still power through with a little more time. But get into sortie level and armor is the only thing you're building for. 

So far as I've been able to tell, even adding heat damage to a weapon alongside corrosive now that it halves armor (non-stackingly) is slightly helpful against alloy but still worse than pure corrosive against ferrite. I even have my Helios's Deconstructor Prime built to dish out viral and heat procs, since that can potentially quarter an enemy's effective health without requiring me to lose any of my corrosive damage or procs on a weapon. 

It's not that it's impossible to make weapons perform acceptably without corrosive, I don't think, so much as that they'll simply always be much better with a corrosive build, and there's never a good reason to use anything else. I know there's the faction aspect, but changing elements per mission would be an annoying ritual if it was necessary, and the reason it isn't is that non-armored enemies don't have EHP worth worrying about, so....

I kinda like where heat is at, with an armor effect, CC, and some DoT (although armor makes DoT other than slash kinda irrelevant by dividing it twice), which makes it really handy as a side benefit on weapons or frames where it's innate. It's not an alternative to corrosive, but it would make sense being what it is if other elements were on the level that corrosive and heat set.

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Corrosive is super useful, but there a lot of reason to not use corrosive, here are a few examples :

  • Getting other way of removing armor : It's simple but if target already don't have armor, you have no reason to reduce, so you can focus on other stuff like viral for halved health, gas/toxin for DoT or simply damage types effective against your target.
  • Having other sources of corrosive : Of course, corrosive is strong but if you already have reliable way of getting a lot of corrosive proc, you may focus on other status on a weapon. For example, using a high firerate rifle to proc corrosive and put heavy gas proc with your melee.
  • Low fire rate and status : Corrosive is a great way to deal increasing damage for each sucessive hit, but with low firerate or low status chance, viral, other status or simply focus on damage may be smarter, at least for regular content.
    Let's take example of heavy gunners, a lvl 120 get 10139 armor : at this level, 2 corrosive procs multilply your effective damage by ~1.7, which make viral a better solution if you play a strong sniper that could kill in 1-2 hits.

About giving other status effectivness against armor, they started with heat and may expand it to other status, but I don't think it's necessary, each status does something different and if they add another one effective against armor, it would be worst and never used or stronger and corrosive won't be used anymore, so it's tricky to balance. If they do a change there, I think it would be on the whole armor system, not just status.

A change that could work is to add the armor stripping effect to some other status and cap the total % of armor stripped by each status effect. So let's imagine corrosive has 50%, heat 10% and radiation has 30% (plus it's own way of stripping armor), each status would work normally but stop acting once they removed that amount, meaning you are forced to use all of 3 to reduce 50+10+30=80% of the total enemy armor. It's a bit weird, but it may encourage using different status and their own unique way of stripping armor together rather than running with corrosive or the few powers that strip armor.

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- most of the power derived from corrosive procs come from the fact that it can stack with itself, reducing like 90% of enemy's armor every 10 procs... so for this case weapons without good status chance isn't that good with corrosive

- fire procs temporarily half enemy's armor, DoT (Damage over Time) stacks with itself, while the armor reduction doesn't

Shattering Impact allows to break enemy's armor for each hit with impact damage (only applied for meele, i know, but after meele's rework, almost all meele weapons has all IPS component now)

- explosive damage works against infested because it can disrupt them, while corrosive procs barely do anything since they normally don't have any armor

- some warframes has abilities to reduce and/or break their armor, like Mag's Fracturing Crush augment + polarize, Ash's Seeking Shuriken, Frost's Avalanche...

- Corrosive Projection can help you on that, specially if you use like... 3 auras and 3 Coaction Drift to cut off their armor values for normal missions


sure, corrosive procs are quite reliable against enemies lv 150+ and railjack enemies on foot, but since warframe isn't meant for high level, your argument is an bit out of the point
viral with radiation/fire works fine for slow weapons since it only needs to proc once for each one, plus the bonus value (radiation has huge bonus vs alloy, viral against flesh...)

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I mean you can use Slash + Viral + Heat too. Radiation is also a decent option against Alloy Armor...which can just be stripped by Corrosive + Heat anyway.

But yeah I can't remember the last time somebody unironically built a weapon for Magnetic damage...just goes to show how much of a joke the Corpus are, or perhaps how spongy the Grineer are since anything that can take out level 100 Grineer likely can take out level 150 Corpus just as fast.

Currently the damage balance is centered around "Can it kill high level Grineer?" and if the answer is yes than there's no real reason to use anything else.

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14 hours ago, lukinu_u said:

A change that could work is to add the armor stripping effect to some other status and cap the total % of armor stripped by each status effect.

Or making armour a fully-fledged self-damage-reducing health class and retooling armour stripping status effects likewise. 90% of the armour problem is because it's an otherwise untouchable, scaling modifier to enemy HP. Doing that would likely work well with a stack-cap on armour removal, but without it, that means one must deal with at least 20% enemy armour. For a 155 Corrupted Bombard, that's still a 90% damage reduction. I.e., there's a certain sweet spot where using all three armour stripping methods would be best, but at enemy levels above and below that sweet spot, you're better off with A: Slash + Viral because you still end up with a truckload of armour to deal with or B: just not worrying about mixing up the armour stripping means (because the armour levels are low enough to not make a huge difference), respectively. If it stacked to 100% armour removal with all elemental procs (even if the extra 20% was just an innate bonus for applying all three), that's another story.

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There's a reason to use every Elemental type outside Magnetic. How big of a reason depends on the level range of enemies you're shooting.

Armor feels like a huge obstacle because it peaks about lvl 150. After that point it's the raw health players are mistaken for Armor scaling. Players tend to get a few Corrosive procs then force high damage through the rest but that's not actually dealing with the Armor itself.

You certainly do not want to be shooting a lvl 300 Corpus Tech with Corrosive. Even when using Viral / Gas they take about the same time to kill as a lvl 300 Bombard using Corrosive and given the proper weapons for either enemy of course.

The poorly designed Damage types are Infested due to Eximus making then immune to pretty much everything but Corrosive / Slash. I haven't done a long run in while but since they added Venomous Eximus to Corpus I imagine Toxic / Gas has diminished heavily in value as the same situation Infested have going on. Blast / Heat sounds real good against Infested until a Caustic Eximus runs up and mutes your damage and Rad which is supposed to be weak is actually incredibly useful against them.

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