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Personal Rooms In Warframe


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Hi all  this is a really some idea  about personal room in warframe.


As i was  playing the mastery rank mission the holographic side of tests were really grown on me and i come  up  with  idea of  making personal rooms  for warframes.


In these room we could  see all the slots and warframes standing in the  room that we have, weapons and worms.

It could be  some  like holographic representation of stuff that we own, something like armory, so we could move around that room see the statistics of the  weapons test the weapons, choose warframe to test it etc and personaly decorate the room with new sort of  hologprahic look.


I think  it would  be great to test your warframes skills inside  of room to get to know the mechanics, get to know  the weapons. In this way we could  define our  playstyle and have more  emerged in the way of Tenno besides the DOJO clan option.


And the the color  or representation of holograms we could change. I think it would  be cool to see Tenno world from SCFI way and the artstyle. Cause as we  get play this  game  we just set our  mind on the mission and dont really  get to know with the art of the game, or world of Tenno.


What do you think guys?


Cheers!!! ^_^

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I really like the idea of having rooms in dojo for members (of important rank, too many rooms for big clans otherwise). display cases/racks and plaques for armour and weapons would be so awesome and a place just for your tenno to chill out and customise. on the note of an entire armoury, i like it. it would be awesome to have attached shooting range that would allow any clan member to try out another clan members weapon to see how they like it!

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