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Orokin Derelict Assassination - Sedna Assassination Respawn-Rate Substitution


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Hello everyone,

 I was playing the Nintendo Switch Sortie mission against Lephantis solo today, as the last four multiplayer missions against Lephantis failed to progress after eliminating each of the three portions in the first stage.

 I was playing using Dread rather than the Tigris Prime for a challenge, and managed to destroy the Corpus and Infested portions during the first stage, but the respawn-rate of subsidiary Infested opponents stopped after forty-five minutes.

 I checked behind the vines over the doorways for additional mobs in case the mission-timeout countdown requiring an elimination began to avoid failure, but none were present. I aborted the mission after an hour and ten minutes and replayed the mission with the shotgun, which functioned well.

 The reason I chose to compose this forum post is to suggest an auxiliary mob-respawn system like the implementation present in the Kela de Thaym Assassination mission of Sedna, where the rollers are spawned fairly regularly below the elevated platforms as an alternative resupply method, as well as a way to avoid mission-failure due to lack of mob elimination for a period of time.

 Perhaps the ceiling of the Derelict Void could drop enemies into both battle-stages on a consistent basis similar to the way Moa units are spawned up from the compartments within the floor on a stairway-platform present on Eris in Capture, Rescue, and Elimination missions.

 Thank you for reading my suggestion, and for your time and consideration.

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