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Fragile sentinels, suicidal pets and AoE damage


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I've been playing the new Railjack missions and every time I land anywhere sentinel dies from random aoe (really bad in the sentient outpost) or pet runs off and dies in 1-2 hits from anything. The only way I've been able to keep sentinels/pets alive is by using stealth.

I'm wondering if companions are intented to be about as durable as soggy paper or if I just should go stealth in every mission if I want them alive?

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Sentinels, unfortunately, are pretty tissue paper.

Pets / MOAs can equip the Link mods. Depending on your WF stats and which Link mod(s) one uses, they can make the pets quite tanky. E.g., I run Wukong. My MOA has somewhere around 2,300 health with Link Health, and IDK how much EHP with something like 300, maybe 500 armour via Link Armour. Daikyu Target Acquired and a Nikana with Pack Leader is extremely overkill but keeps everyone topped up constantly, and Defy can provide a nice armour boost, so that's a plus, too. Hildryn can probably get similar results with Link Shields.

Not at the Veil yet, but as long as my idiot MOA doesn't stand in a sapper bubble (which it does. A lot.), the thing's good through Sorties and Arbitrations with ease.

Though it would be nice if the Link mods could apply to Sentinels to give them some much needed EHP, hint hint nudge nudge DE.

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Sentinels, as weak as they are(health-wise), have one positive - they're glued to the player.

Pets, aside from stealth, benefit from the tankiness of the owner. So ya better equip them links and put 8 forma on that kitty/doggo. Huge negative is their stupid and buggy AI. They get stuck in geometry, stuck on corners, stuck on AIR. They have issues with cycling their abilities, which sometimes results in your pet simply ceasing to use any of its abilities. They also have no desire to stay close to the player so its extremely difficult to keep them alive when everyone spews AoE all over the place.

It's not intended to work that way, of course. It's just another symptom of problems Warframe has currently - broken enemy damage scaling(at some point even super tanky pets can't survive unless you constantly heal them), broken AI(for both enemies and pets) and complete disregard towards some of the game systems(devs push out hyped updates instead of fixing gameplay related issues, such as pets relying on frame stats, requiring too much forma, having to switch pets in stasis, etc).

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