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Rework the chat!


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Since we are getting more into this "let's stay somewhere else than on our orbiter"-MMO-ish trend, how about tweaking the chat protocols?

Let us be able to use the chat system (especially the region chat) inside the Dojo? There is no reason for it being disabled since the beginning of our Dojo stuff.

Same goes for the missions we do (I am someone who spent 99.9% of the game in Solo-Mode), why are we not able to chat from there too? If not in public chat (giving bloody AFK-Limbos-Rhinos-Trins-Grendels more reason to AFK the crap out of the mission, as they are already hated for it (R.I.P. me serious Trin-Main since 2013)), allow it for the Solo-Mode. Same reason here ... makes no difference if its enabled (at least for the Solo-Runner).




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