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Empyrean is AMAZING when it works.  Unfortunately, that only seems to be 50% of the time.  I consistently get bugs every other mission (if not sometimes more).  The most common bug by far is that objectives do not spawn.  Crewships never appear, or radiators do not pop out of their stations.  This makes mission completion impossible and wastes everyone's time.


Occasionally, a host migrate will fix these issues.  It seems to recheck the mission parameters and adjust accordingly.  However, often times, it does not or the host is too scared to try.  I just sat through a 30 minute veil mission.  All objectives were completed, but 5/6 crew ships.  The host spent a full 30 minutes looking for the crew ship he was "sure" was out there.  After completely emptying the map, he finally host migrated.  The new host did not fix it.  We got a second host migrate which reset the ship killer platform.  We started through that objective again, only to get bugged when the radiator would not pop.  From the complaining I keep hearing, this is typical.


Is it not possible to script in a 2:30 check on objectives?  Every 2:30 if objectives are not met, and ships/objectives are not on board, generate them?  This way squads would only have to wait so long to be able to finish missions.  Currently the system is very frustrating.  It is taking far too long to farm resources needed to build ship parts.  Mostly because every other mission seems to result in getting nothing.  


I know DE is working on this some how, it's just very hard to wait patiently.  The new update is fantastic.  It's great to play the vast majority of the time, but the bugs that cause us to lose all the loot are what's really killing it right now.  I can handle having to \unstuck or teleport to get out of odd spawn situations (like being in archwing INSIDE a railjack).  Those glitches generally only take a few seconds to fix, but losing entire missions worth of progress is hard to swallow or justify.    


Please help us!

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