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Every time in Eidolon mission I fell through the ground.


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I can always reproduce this. Seems like I'm the kind of guy who does something and the game constantly looses my positioning and I fell through the ground.

Something happens when I try to jump on the k-drive. Think when I push the k-drive button from the menu I immediately start pushing strafe keys and look around, and the game does something silly, trying to move me, while I'm getting up to the k-drive. Seems like this is when I fell through the ground.

And /unstuck doesn't help. The game seemingly recognizes when I choose archwing from the menu I can hear the usual sound of mounting on archwing but can't really use it from down below.

Just had two Eidolon missions, in both, at the second stage I fell through the ground. So during these two games I was loosing out the whole second and third boss' loot. My team was nice enough not leaving from the game, leaving me there, falling to eternity and exited so at least I got the first kill's loot. But still spending more than 10 minutes falling and trying to figure out how to get out of this situation is crazy frustrating. Plus the team finishes slower, due to me being useless pile of nothingness.

I mean the ground should not be a "paper thin" ground, that's one of the main issue. The second is that the game doesn't recognizes "underground" as underground. Once you somehow go through the ground level, the game believes there is air and there is nothing, so you start to fell. Once these issues addressed, even though you get below ground you would be "stuck" thus /unstuck would work. Currently unstuck does nothing because the game things you are on ground level. I'm not being smart arse, I did use Unreal Editor in the past, and I do understand how material and object editing works. You need to add material to the underground and not let the Z axis act as "thin air" underground and then the game just stuck you in the "ground". At least that is one solution, I'm pretty sure there are better ones too...

The whole situation is very frustrating, this need to be fixed, I mean this mission and even is so old I can't even remember when this came out, how come I'm the only guy having these issues and devs just didn't address this at all still?

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