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Zenurik Focus related bug


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i often observed that my operator killed simaris targets when void dashing and, with help of the tether mine arcane, trying to 'fix' it on a spot to scan it more easily.

the problem is not that any zenurik abilities are directly killing the target (e.g. void static or void singularity), but that the void dash is rag-dolling the target out of the level and thus killing it - even though i can't see any ability that even provides this effect. i tried to deactivate evey active zenurik ability in the simularum to get behind this behavior but even with every focus ability, zenurik and all cross-over abilities of the other schools, deactivated, the effect off massively pushing an enemy away and ragdolling it stays...

what i DID found out though is that in the simulacrum there seems to be a problem when changing focus schools within staying in the same loadout. some abilities will just stay active - or maybe the change of the focus school won't take effect at all. this might also be why i can't get to the 'culprit' of the mighty void-dash-push if even deactivating focus abilities don't go into effect there. changing the loadout in the arsenal though will seemingly 'reset' this problem.

still, all i could test for was that the tether mine arcane was not the root of the ragdolling void-dash and that it only happens in zenurik mode.

the ragdolling is actually a fun and usefull thing beside those accidently simaris target kills, so even if this is a bug, it would be nice to make it a feature - though a description of what is responsible for it would be appreciated... the focus school switching bug in the simulacrum should be adressed though - at least for us to help you beta testing things (that's why you keep us around, right?  ^^)

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