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Extended holstering customizations, please


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Melee is generally in a pretty good spot as far as holstering goes now what we need is customizable holstering for primaries and secondaries.

I love the look of a lot of my primaries but very few fashion frame setups look good with them visible while holstered due to positioning, giving them the same options as melees currently have would fix that.

Another neat idea would be to increase how far the Z offset can go and add a "float" or "hover" option which would allow the weapon to gently float in place much like the weapons in nier automata. It wouldn't look out of place and it would let us add some space between any weapon and our syandanas to avoid clipping.

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Certainly fine ideas. I'm all for it.

Being that it's purely aesthetic, I can see why this hasn't been a rush order.
Especially considering the size of the projects they have going on now.
I would suspect to hear something about these when they do a Primary Kit
gun or gun overall rebalance in the future.

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