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Mutliple Warframe Concepts


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I just had these bouncing in my head, and wanted to know what you all thought of them. (keep in mind, this isn't necessarily something I think would fit into the game, I just thought they were neat concepts)

Sentient adapter Warframe: 

Name: Popalvuh

Lore: Fearing the sentients potential, and worried the Warframes would not be enough, the Orokin had one last weapon
to fight with. They took what made the sentients so terrible, and they surpassed it. Meet [name] the adaptivity of
the sentients, and the unstoppable nature of a Warframe. Overcome any obstacle with this Warframe. 

Appearance: An combination of Orokin elegance with sentient simplicity in humanoid form.
Version 1: 
Passive: Immune to the effects of a status proc (but not the damage) (all status procs last 100% longer)

1st ability: Use the elemental procs on your Warframe to give you and allies a buff. (toxin=health, cold=speed/armor,
electric=shields, and flame=damage)

2nd ability: use physical procs on your Warframe to dish out what you've taken (impact= knocks down enemies, and
does double damage to shields. Slash= bleeds enemies and increases crit chance, Puncture= Shreds armor, and reduces
their damage)

3rd ability: Summon a Pesudo-sentient unit to assist you and allies (radialist: heals allies, applies radiation to
enemies.  Barrialist: regens ally's shields when they go down. Brutalist: buffs damage and crit chance to allies)

4th ability: Sacrifice all status procs on you and allies to shred armor on all enemies before making a void
explosion doing purely void damage to nearby enemies (Damage is base on enemy health)


Resource Harvesting Warframe:

name: Inuit

lore: This Warframe was created to help with the survival in the new solar system that the sentients were meant to
leave behind, to assist with gathering resources for the lower classes while protecting them from anything that may
come. When the sentients came bringing violence rather than a new home, This Warframe's purpose changed. though it's
original purpose unfulfilled, they have adapted to environment of sustained battle. trade in power for and advantage
in the harsh world of survival and war.

passive: (1st option) all ammo, health, energy, and focus found by you and allies are twice as effective or last
50% longer
    (2nd option)  Gwich'in and haven are passively used by your companions

1st ability: Target prey, marks an enemy for 10 energy; companions will prioritize that enemy over others.
(passive: any damage done by allies will be doubled, and attacks done by you have increased crit chance)

2nd ability: Haven, marks an area around the caster that heals allies and generates energy
(augment, environmental hazards: ability now does cold, heat, or toxin damage based on the environment you're in with
a 40% proc chance)

3rd ability (Gwich'in, named after one group of the native people of Alaska and Canada): *When active, turns the user
turns invisible, becomes immune to all crowd control, but is still vulnerable to damage.
*When not in use, looking at dead enemies guarantees 1 random ammo type, 1 health orb, and 1 energy orb. (10 second
(augment, Subsistence: on survival and excavation missions, any enemies that can drop power cells or life support
will drop 1/2/3 when using this ability to add an additional 10 seconds to the cooldown)

4th ability: Excess , steals a percentage of health and shields from enemies to give buffs to teammates. Shields: armor increase  Health: damage increase
(augment, Waste not: also steals enemy armor for a buff to allies health and shields at half what buff normally gives, and doubles energy cost)

Time-Based Warframe:

Name: Amser or teithiwr (time and traveler in welsh)

Lore: The Orokin had attempted to understand the void, as well as time itself, they almost suceeded. Until a strange
Warframe destroyed everything they had been working on, then left without a trace. Behold, [Name] One who understands
time as a twisted ball, rather than our river. and guide to the Unum in their attempts to protect and save the orokin
system as it is.

Appearance: Hourglass bodytype, gold accents, primary color: gray, secondary color: white, sandy yellow energy color, female,

Passive: kills with a weapon reduce cooldowns and reload times, casting abilities increase speed of
health and energy regen. [only affects allies]
1st ability: alternate timeline, Creates a buffed alternate timeline duplicate of an enemy as an ally (30 second
cooldown after casting)
(augment, fractured timelines: creates a duplicate of different factions, all of which do damage when they expire)

2nd ability: Chronal shift, Slows enemies and speeds up allies 50% as much (1 minute cooldown after wearing off)
(augment, snapback: enemies armor is shred the same percentage as they were slowed, and damages health as much as
allies sped up)

3rd ability: double the effect of your passive, and buff the effect of your 1st and 2nd abilities (2 minute cooldown)

4th ability: spend half of your max energy to decrease all your own ability cooldowns by half

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