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9 Sculptures in a row from sortie


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1 hour ago, (PS4)GUDGER666 said:

It should be changed to a score based system where the higher the score the better the prize. 

I wonder what that would do to the market and player incentive.

If you were familiar with the Plague Star event, people used that to forma-proof their futures,
getting dozens and dozens of built formas. so those sort of things certainly pay off, but is it too
much of a payoff? So much that it undermines the validity of any other farm spot. There are still
people who don't need forma after the last Plague Star, and that was a ways back.

However, this isn't forma.. these rewards can be traded. Perhaps you see where I'm going with this:
Players get nothing but Riven and Legendary cores, flood the market.. rarest most elite gear in the
game becomes a dime a dozen. At a point it becomes more efficient to just buy it for 10p than to do
the mission... and people's gear more rapidly outpace the hardest content in the game, without
even playing it.

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16 hours ago, (PS4)GUDGER666 said:

Really getting sick of just getting these, and the other common items, its all i ever get! It should be changed to a score based system where the higher the score the better the prize. 

12 days for me of just anasa.

what DE should do is change up the sortie reward system to reward 2 things every time.

1 would be Anasa - 4000 endo - 6000 kuva. 

2 would be everything else. (maybe arcanes that drop from the eidolons [Hydrolyst - Gantulyst])

but the Sorties themselves, need a changeup. 


Or the sortie rewards should be Checklisted, and every week the list resets.

all the rewards are non-repeatable each week. so if you get a anasa it is crossed off the list of rewards. until the next week.

so 1 day you get anasa, then endo, then kuva, but the 4th day those 3 will be crossed out of the list, and you can not obtain those.

But this also means 1 riven a week from sorties as well.

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