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What Dimensions Will Appear In Warfrrame?


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Derelict isn't really a dimension, they just float in normal space, that's why they are derelicted Orokin Towers in the first place.

They could give us asteroid belts, more planetary missions, missions in low orbit of the sun (upcoming gas planet missions seem to do something similar)...

They could open a gate to another solar system, they could open the whole galaxy map, Mass Effect style. There's a lot of potential.

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I know it isn't an "alternate dimension" but well, what i mean by the word "dimension" here is that we cannot get to the void, the derelict, and the solar syatem in the same way (derelict use Nav Coordinate, Void uses Void Key (uncraftable), and in solasystem basically u just click da mission)

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the devs have talk about a digital- tron like dimension.

i have suggest a stalker void. you can get into it when the stalker is extracting you.and he drop red keys :D

full of floating walls,plattforms. black smoke and red lightnings everywhere.

a very dark dimension but not hell like.

@NIL0S: thats right^^

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