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Jat Kusar is dealing waaay more damage than the stats would imply.



I am loathe to come here and ask because in the event it's something "fun" I'm going to get it nerfed.

Because I'm on console, typing out the build is faster (I know, I know.) PPP, P Reach, Amalgam Organ Shatter, Sac Steel, P Fever, Vicious Frost, Berserker, and I have a riven that adds into the viral and does CD, but this was happening before I had it forma'd enough to stick the riven on.  112%CC 6.3CD are the weapon's crit stats.

Stat screen is showing about 1,200 Viral without the riven, 1955 with, 214 heat, less than 400 total IPS, distribution shouldn't really matter for what's happening here.

I've seen regular, non-heavy attack hits (I know what they look and sound like.  These aren't heavy attacks unless they're special ones from the stance.) deal 5 figures.  I've seen a nearly 70k yellow crit with just this build and that was off a single isolated swing so I know it's not just number stacking playing tricks on me.  The hits are all over the map though.  Orange crits might deal 9k, I see 20k-ish hits very regularly.  I've seen heavy attacks well into the 6 digits, but that's not unusual for a heavy attack other than I haven't built for them specifically.

The wiki isn't updated with all the stance changes, and I'm not even sure if they kept bonus damage on stances or not after the overhaul, but this stance isn't one of the ones that's been updated yet so I have no idea how it's hitting this hard.

Is there some known mechanic that's causing this, or can I expect a bug fix to soften the edges on this weapon sometime soon?

And because I'm an idiot and I forgot, these hits have been against level 30ish grineer mostly.  Testing in simulacrum against higher level CHG's doesn't produce number that high, but the numbers are still higher than I would expect and still all over the map.

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Just now, Srovy said:

If enemies in sim are paused then you deal stealth damage

Only the high level enemy testing that I talked about in the last sentence was done in the Simulacrum and I know, and even if I didn't and it was all in the Simulacrum it doesn't explain the numbers being wildly all over the map.

I've hit 4k orange crits and 9k yellow crits on the same level 90 not-paused CHG in the Simulacrum.

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