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POE: How do you expect us to fish?


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I don't mean that necessarily as in "it's too hard" (although it is extremely hard most of the time now) but as in, how do you want us to? You're obviously trying to direct how we do it. There was a fishing spot on the ocean with a big rock you could chill on and fish. It was one of the few peaceful places (I won't dare tell you the others) and it has been mentioned in times past online. Now, every time I go there 2 dargyns and a troop carrier spawn nearby before I even quite get there. They didn't before and now they do, every single time.

Obviously, you do not want us to fish peacefully (or to only fish at night to compete with the Eidolon hunt time-slot?). Do you want us to have to fight to fish? An action packed, have your fishing interrupted by a platoon of Grineer and never ending troop and dargyn deployments, fishing action adventure?  I'm trying to understand what kind of experience you're trying to direct us towards, or if us just being able to fish in peace effects your bottom dollar, because it's obvious you do not want us doing this.

So, what is it you want us to do? I mean, I know buy plat and prime stuff, but when it comes to POE and fishing, what did you really have in mind for this? I'm genuinely confused where you are trying to funnel us. Or did you realize you made fishing too effective at gaining standing and you really want us to run the bounties 100 times each to max Ostron standing instead? Is there something wrong with fishing and you regret implementing it? Please tell us what on earth is going on and what you're thinking on this matter.

Seriously. Please tell us what you're trying to get us to do and why.

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I have been experimenting to see. I started doing that, and a new batch shows up in 2-3 minutes tops (this is with an ambush to make sure no beacon is deployed). Judging by the AI and spawns, I could swear they are aware it's a popular and peaceful fishing spot and they really frown on that for some reason. It's the only reason I can think for this because I really don't remember it like this before. If you know of other good spots to catch murkray, I'd appreciate a pm.

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