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Most Swords Sound The Same.


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Aside from galtine and dakra prime which I believe use more layers of sound... (I think)

Most swords sound the same.

Some swords, that shouldn't sound like JUST metal swinging through the air, would be:

Gram, Plasma sword, Machete, Dual cleavers, Ether Sword, Dual Ether, Ether daggers, Heat sword...etc

The impact noise the above make, also sound like sharp metal slices/impacts. When clearly, there are non-metal parts that make contact with the enemy.

Plus it would make things sound more Sci-fi

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there once was a time when Gram made a humming sound or something at all times.


peoples' ears bled. 



however, most of the Audio in Warframe is really high quality, so i suspect any sounds that aren't 'up to par' would be replaced when there was time for it.

the Sound team clearly takes pride in their work.

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