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THis is a response to the Rahetalius video on expanding Plains and Fortuna- Link here- 

And these are my ideas for specifically the Planes of eidolon, not including his Unuum tower mentioned in the video, which, while an amazing idea, is not the only idea I can see being used-


To me the Plains are a phenomenal place to expand, it's scale is currently small, it has 2 kinds of roaming bosses, eidolons at night specifically and thumpers to boot, but it lacks in exploring the true plains, the untapped, distorted wilderness of the pre-orikin earth. With that said I have 2 ideas that I believe would be trully interesting

Idea 1-The dirigia Colony- We save quite a number of rogue grineer, but there are probably loads who don't want to fight, so what do they do and where do they go if they aren't joining steel meridian- THe answer is partly The Dirigia Colony- A massive floating townscape, suspended mobily in the air by dirigible technology, something we have already seen the resourceful grineer use- They can travel to the shores of Cetus as a semi-weekly event, stopping by with new trade opportunity's for rare resources, contracts, and mabye even quests- they can also serve as the intro to primary weapon kitguns- Perhaps even unique railjack parts

The backstory is that grineer deserters, desperate for a home that would not inevitably be tracked down and destroyed, built the Dirigia Colony from what they had, a home always on the move, they travel from place to place scavenging and trading, always on the run.

Idea 2-The Wild- an idea I talked about before, the wild is an open world expansion for the Plains, what happens when you go beyond the force field enclosed map- the answer is that over the river and through the woods, is an untamed frontier, Your main threat is not the sparce grineer outposts, or infrequent infested outbreaks, or even eidolon escence poisoning the waters, it is the wild itself, the variety of dangerous flora, fauna, and fungi- THrough your journey through the wilds you will encounter strange tribes, groups of people who all speak of someone, or something that taught them the ways to survive in this place, perhaps a tenno?, and you must uncover that mystery while attempting to curry favor with one tribe, or bring peace to them all- In addition to the main open world area, filled with densely packed forests that cannot easily be entered, exited, or traversed by archwing or kitboards- there will be rendomly generated missions that can appear anywhere on earth when the wilds is unlocked, these missions are like mini openworlds of their own as you track down rare and dangerous beasts, slay hordes of infested, or totally eliminate grineer prescence- each of these missions could be like there very own, plains sized adventure, and as noted earlier, do to the dense foliage it will mostly be maneuvered on foot, save for perhaps taimed animals, adding to the sense of Wild

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